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Webinars On-Demand - Over 40,000 people from around the world have gained insight from one or more of Iain's webinars that are centered on the '3P's to Success' business philosophy. That philosophy is detailed in his two business books both of which continue to sell well. The webinars (5#) and other business improvement information are hosted on PMI's platform. 

Balanced Scorecard webinar - Since delivering the live webinar on the 17th February nearly 4,500 people have viewed the recording. This is in addition to the 2,500 that signed up for the live session. Hosted by PMIs' platform, the webinar relates to a value-driven portfolio management way of doing business that's anchored on the business philosophy of the '3P's to Success'. The webinar introduced a simplfied approach to building a scorecard that reflects value themes associated with a strategic plan. It will also provide guidance on how an EPMO can facilitate. More here.

Portfolio Management webinar - Access the 'boosting organizational value' webinar via this link. Recorded late last year the webinar has enjoyed considerable viewing (currently over 7,000) since then as well as attracting very positive feedback. It's an updated extract from the top-selling book 'The Business of Portfolio Management - Boosting Organizational Value.  The book is readily available via Independent Publishers Group (IPG), Eurospan, Amazon, Fishpond, etc. 

Dec 20 - SoftEd Interview - Iain was invited by SoftEd executives in the USA and NZ to participate in an interactive webinar that looked at the future of the project mamagement profession as part of its 'Better Work Project' series. Listen in for the 45minute dialogue here.

Nov 20 - Black Friday Deals 1 - PMI and its distribution partners are offering 35% discounts from now through to 30th November on its publications. This includes 'The Business of Portfolio Management - Boosting Organizational Value' top-selling book written by Iain. Available in both hardcover and e-book formats. Grab a copy today!

Nov 20 - Black Friday Deals 2 - CRC Press via its Routledge imprint is offering a 30% discount on publications. This includes on 'The Business of People - Leadership for the Changing World' book co-authored by Iain. Grab your copy here!

Mov 20 - Media Coverage - Iain is delighted to mention that his fifth and final paper of a series discussing portfolio management for the VUCA-influenced world is published in the November edition of the PM World Journal (PMWJ). The highly-respected PMWJ publication has a large global audience and is considered by many to be the global voice of portfolio, program of work and project management. The article is based on a section of 'The Business of Portfolio Managementbook authored by Iain. You can read last months article here.

Irelands' Call - A large Irish utility asked Iain to conduct an overview session on value managment to its business executives. Over 24 people engaged in the session with interest in follow-up sessions. Btw - 'Irelands Call' is the passionate variation of Irelands National Anthem often sung at rugby internationals and in good pubs!

Global Advisor Appointment - Iain has accepted an invitation to join a small group of global advisors to the PM World Journal and associated PM World Library. Both are based in Texas in the USA with details available from this link -  To learn more about the advisory group go here.

Book Review - A reader from Wellington in New Zealand has posted the following review comment on 'The Business of People - Leadership for the Changing World' book:

"I am reading your book in snippets and at random. Today I read about the Drama triangle and the Winner's triangle. Really helpful looking at those. Thanks."

Older News:

Iain completed his latest live webinar back in late October. This time to 1,200 people from around the world who wanted to hear Iain's thoughts on boosting organizational value through smarter portfolio management. Ongoing interest in Iain's whitepaper presentations via webinars sees him continuing to engage with audiences around the world. Specific topics include value management, portfolio management, and benefits management. 

Library Donation - Iain has recently donated a copy of his second book to his hometown Wellington City Library. This will join his first book and both will be listed in the business/leadership collection at the recently opened Te Awe venue in the CBD area of Wellington. This means that anyone in New Zealand can borrow either book and learn about modern business approaches at no cost. 

Latest Viewpoint and Perspective

Become a Value Amplifier...

Business value and its management are increasingly terms being used in the business environment. They should be! Whilst some organisations are chasing the latest thing or fad, courageous leaders are seeing the need to combat the VUCA-induced world in a proactive manner by focusing on business value. With that though comes the need to make sure that the culture of the organisation is sound, flourishing, and integrated.

To Iain business value and its management have gone beyond the traditional 'hard-wired' definitions associated with monetary or ratio aspects. Today value must be considered as "the perceived benefit, tangible or intangible, to stakeholders". This should include value to customers and value to staff & brand.  

Blending the above together with a philosophy of doing business that is based on the '3P's to Success' (purpose, people, performance) will see most organisations flourish and get ahead. 

Random Thoughts...

  • The disruptors of the VUCA world are forcing us all to change faster than ever before. This type of change requires courageous leadership using the combination of head, heart, and gut decision-making. Be strong!
  • Short-term nimbleness will lead to longer-term organisational resiliance.
  • Future leadership needs to focus more on purpose and culture and on populating those through the organisation.
  • Organisational governance needs more 'active directorship' so that directors are more in touch with change by being overlapped with ELT.
  • There are those that see the good in all, and then there are those that moan, complain, and find fault in just about everything. Unfortunately there seems to be more of the later than the former. Time for change!
  • Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part!

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